About Coagmento Collaboratory

Coagmento Collaboratory is a version of Coagmento designed to be:

  • Modularized Coagmento Collaboratory splits up functionality into separate classes which are easier to understand and maintain
  • Extendable We provide stateless web-services so you can develop your own tools on top of our framework.
  • Documented Coagmento Collaboratory is well documented.

Click here to view a possible scenario for Coagmento Collaboratory

In the Framework

The framework contains the following:

  • Core classes which provide the foundation for Coagmento Collaboratory giving an API for accessing user data (Bookmarks, Snippets, etc.) and research studies (Projects, Stages)
  • Web-services for accessing the core classes through HTTP requests
  • The Firefox plugin which uses the web-services as an example of practical usage of Coagmento Collaboratory

Developers and Contributors

  • Chirag Shah: Advisor
  • Roberto Gonzalez-Ibanez: Original developer and current consultant on the project
  • Kevin Albertson: Back-end developer
  • Abdulaziz Ramos: Web designer

More information

Coagmento Collaboratory is being actively developed and updated and continually improving. You can download or contribute to it on GitHub here.