Terms and Conditions

Agreement with signing up

By signing up for an account for Coagmento (www.coagmento.org), you are agreeing to let us store the following information about you: (1) personal information in your account profile, (2) any data and related information that you create using Coagmento, and (3) all the actions that you perform on this website after logging in to your account. Your data will be stored in a secure server. Your password and other sensitive information will be encrypted. You are also agreeing to let us get in touch with you regarding the services that we provide here, if needed.


On different places on the website, we collect and store emails. We will not sell or share your email or any other such personal information without your permission. We may contact you from time to time via email to communicate important developments or notifications about our services.


We have the rights to store and analyze the log regarding your logins, activities, and data collection. We may produce reports from such analysis that may be published and viewed by everyone. By signing up for an account here, you are waiving your rights to any action against this. We will do our best not to reveal any private information that may lead to your identification. You have the right to see the data (other than the logs) collected about you, and even delete them if you wish. You also have the right to discontinue using Coagmento at any time.


We will try our best to keep all your data intact. However, in the case of loss or damage to your data collected through this website, we take no responsibility whatsoever. We also do not guarantee regarding the availability of our server, website and other services that we offer here. At any time they may be terminated or lost. In the case of foreseeable closure, we will warn you given we have your proper contact information at that time. Coagmento is work-in-progress, which means different services, functionalities, and interfaces associated with Coagmento will continue changing. We expect you to update to the latest version everytime there is a new release. If you do not update, we take no responsibility for Coagmento's proper functionalities for you.


We may ask for your feedback regarding the usage of Coagmento from time to time. Your feedback will be kept anonymous.

Change in policies

Any significant change in these policies will be conveyed to you through email if you have signed up for an account with us.