Collaboratory Scenarios


You are running a research study in which you wish to see how people collaborate on a given task.

The task is defined as follows:

Describe the current state of Australian government as well as the public's opinion.

The three participants Mary, Elizabeth, and George are all told to collaborate together by talking and to bookmark important pages and capture important information.

They are all given computers with the Firefox plugin from Coagmento Collaboratory installed shown below


Each of the participants is told to keep a page open so they can share what they are collecting and facilitate collaboration. This page shows all snippets, bookmarks, and history of the other participants

In Action

Now let's say you are the acting as Mary. After opening a new tab you wish to search for something on a search engine. Type a related search into the search box:



As you can see, the search you just made now appears on the data page and others in the group can see as well.


After the group has done all of their searching, you can view all of the data they collected and analyze.

You can see how Coagmento Collaboratory has been used to easily set up a collaborative study among a group.
If you would like to download Coagmento Collaboratory click here.